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Secret Alchemy:  Chamber Works by Pierre Jalbert
The portrait album features Jalbert’s Trio for violin, cello and piano (1998), as well as the premiere recordings of String Trio (2008), Crossings (2011) and Secret Alchemy (2012). The album’s title work, scored for violin, viola, cello and piano, was commissioned by the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music and embraces the mystery of creation and euphoria of discovery.
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CD Release Date:  January 16, 2017

Howl for clarinet and string quartet
I.  Howl - Part I
II.  Litany
III.  Howl -- Part II

Charles Neidich, clarinet and the Pro Arte Quartet:  

David Perry, violin; Suzanne Beia, violin

Sally Chisholm, viola; Parry Karp, cello

CD Release Date:  June 1, 2016

Chamber Symphony
I.  Joyous, ecstatic; with great energy
II. Ethereal, suspended
III.  Rhythmically driving
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Jeffrey Kahane, conductor
Visual Abstract
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello piano, and 1 percussion
I.  Bells - Forwards and Backwards
II.  Dome of Heaven
III.  Dance
Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble
Kevin Noe, conductor
Cello Sonata
I. Mysterious, transcendental
II. Rhythmic, precise
III. Flexible, soulful
IV. Marcato
David Finckel, cello
Wu Han, piano
Icefield Sonnets
I. Cold is a cell
II.  Glass is a place
III.  North is a notion
Ying Quartet
Piano Trio No. 1
I. Life Cycle
II.  Agnus Dei
Lincoln Trio
Brass Quintet
I. Distant Fanfares
II.  Concurrence
Western Brass Quintet
The Invention of the Saxophone
for alto saxophone, piano, and narrator.  Based on the poem of Billy Collins.  
Susan Cook, saxophone
Yoko Yamada-Selvaggio, piano
Steve Robinson, narrator
Toccata for piano
Christopher Atzinger, piano
Marimba Sonata
I. Perpetuum
II. Unrelenting in intensity
III. Slow, mysterious
IV. With great energy
Makoto Nakura, marimba
Dual Velocity
for cello and piano
Norman Fischer, cello
Jeanne Kierman, piano
for violin and guitar
I. Dramatic, with great energy
II. Stark, distant
III. Presto agitato
Duo 46