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Inscription (2017) for solo piano

Instrumentation:  solo piano

Duration: 2 minutes

Program notes:

Inscription is one of 32 works, commissioned by pianist Gloria Cheng, to honor and commemorate Steven Stucky.  I first met Steve at a new music concert in Philadelphia in the early 1990’s while I was a student at U-Penn. His generosity and kindness were apparent even at this first meeting. My piece, Inscription, begins with three soft chords, as if asking the question, why? That was my own initial reaction to hearing the news of Steve’s passing. The piece then launches into a fast, rhythmic section (Steve’s wit and humor) culminating in three forceful hammer blows at the top end and bottom end of the keyboard. The three opening chords then return, fading. A huge thank you to Gloria Cheng for organizing and presenting these heartfelt tributes to Steve.

©216 Pierre Jalbert, Inscription

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