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Songs of Gibran (1992)

for soprano, cello, piano, and 1 percussion

Instrumentation:  soprano, cello, piano, and 1 percussion



1.  Prelude

2. Song of Beauty

3. Song off the Wave

4. Interlude

5. Song of the Rain

6. A Song


Duration:  18 minutes


Program Notes:

The texts for Songs of Gibran were taken from a set of poems by Kahlil Gibran entitled Songs.  These poems express the spiritual and emotional quality of the author’s writing, and it was my desire, when composing this piece, to capture some of this quality with music.  The piece is in six movements, two of which are purely instrumental (Prelude and Interlude).  


-- Pierre Jalbert


© 2016 Pierre Jalbert, Songs of Gibran

Photo:  Julia Jalbert​

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